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Success Stories
“Stephanie Shipper has had a profound impact on our professional and personal lives. She has helped us solve some incredibly difficult business dilemmas. Her skills and techniques are nothing short of miraculous. We highly recommend her services as a cost effective solution to business and interpersonal problems.”

Joe and Terri Graedon
(authors of 5 NY Times Bestsellers)


Richard Yukes
CEO Black Bear Oil Company
Las Vegas, Nevada




"Thank you Stephanie…I am in the clouds and hopeful that I will not be coming down….ever

I was thinking of how my life has changed over the past 63days: Previous life expenditures: 4 hours a day - I stopped watching tv, 4 hours a day - I ended my relationship, 8 hours I fired myself from my company and I’m currently semi-unemployed

I thought that I would have difficulty filling my days with inter esting events but as it turns out…each day is more interesting than the prior.  Not enough time to do it all.

Also, I thought I would gain 20 lbs or so;  I’ve lost weight since all this began. Starting eating fish and veggies; Rarely sample dessert.”


David Katz, DO, Pediatrician
Family Practice Physician
Canton, Ohio

"Stephanie (Shipper) is a talented individual whose sensitivity, skill and diverse training enables individuals to attain their highest potential. Utilizing unique techniques she deftly overcomes obstacles to progress quickly with a variety of techniques gleaned in her decades of experience.

Her vast knowledge and abilities coupled with her truely caring persona allows one to achieve personal excellence as I have had multiple opportunities to witness."


Gary Sirak
CEO Sirak Financials
Canton, Ohio

"Knowing my core values has allowed me to make better decisions from a personal and professional just got a little easier! Thank you Steff for helping to find out what really makes me tick!"








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