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Abraham Maslow - Signposts of Peak Experiences / States

Maslow described Peak Experience as “Self-validating moments which carry their own intrinsic value . . . i.e. they are ends in themselves.”

Maslow believed that “Peak Experiences cannot be planned, nor brought about by design.” In simple English - you have no control over when you will have a Peak Experience.


Signposts are:

Unity (oneness)
Gratitude for Being
Rightness (Beauty)
Resolution of Dichotomies


Stephanie's Unique Development

Through her 30 years of work Stephanie has shown that Peak Experience/States can become self-initiated through a connection to our Core Values.

In Theory: Stephanie Shipper has created her Peak States / Core Values Intensive by synthesizing key aspects of the work of three masters; Wyatt Woodsmall – Peak Performance Modeling; Abraham Maslow – Peak Experiences; Milton Erickson – Ericksonian Hypnosis; coupled with insights gained through her counseling practice and her years of training in Raja Yoga meditation.

In Practice: A person’s Core Values are determined through in-depth analysis of their verbal responses to highly specific questions as well as non-verbal ‘cue patterns’ which accompany these responses.

Key indicators are found by observing changes in breathing patterns. Associated with the breathing changes are changes in energy - fundamental tonal shifts which Stephanie perceives visually, auditorily and viscerally.



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“Stephanie Shipper has had a profound impact on our professional and personal lives. She has helped us solve some incredibly difficult business dilemmas. Her skills and techniques are nothing
short of miraculous. We highly recommend her services as a cost effective solution to business and interpersonal problems.”

Joe and Terri Graedon
(authors of 5 NY Times Bestsellers)

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